Jugglers and Thieves


Jugglers and Thieves was a Detroit band in the late ’80s early ’90s. We released one self-titled album, which was voted “Best Record By a Local Band” in 1989 by the readers of the Detroit alternative weekly magazine Detroit Metro Times. Later we were voted “Next Local Band Most Likely To Make It Big.” But despite college radio success we never could get a record contract.

I was the bass player & I quit the band in 1990 because I fell in love with my sweetie Darryl Dybka, married, and moved to Nashville TN.

Here’s some links:

  • All Music Guide Jugglers and Thieves biography.

  • Jugglers and Thieves video From St. Andrew’s Hall Performance (1989).

  • Chris McCall Ex-Jugglers and Thieves singer–now an acclaimed singer/songwriter. Buy her records!

  • Colin O’brien Ex-Jugglers and Thieves drummer–now Colin is a fingerstyle guitarist and slide banjo player. Cool folk!

  • Me I’m the only one not playing music anymore! I’m concentrating on my poetry and dealing with 2 rare diseases.

  • Motor City Rock  1980-1990: http://www.motorcityrock.com Jugglers & Thieves page with more stuff.


  • Contamination And Corrosion, ? (I don’t remember… several volumes 1987 through ?)

  • Various Artists, Detroit Music Scene, Vol. 1, 1988 Nebula Records

  • Jugglers and Thieves, Jugglers and Thieves,1989 Hopper Records

  • Various Artists, CMJ: Certain Damage Volume 25, 1990, CMJ

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