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Hi–thanks for visiting my WA4CZD home page. I’ve been on the air since 1998, wow — it sure has been fun. I’d been wanting to get my ticket for a long time. After I graduated from college I got my license as soon as I possibly could — tech plus.

wa4czd shack
You can find me on the novice CW bands. I’m really into this morse code thing. I use a Scout, Heathkit HW 101 and G5RV antenna. So here’s a bunch of neat resources I’ve found on the Internet.

In 2004 I changed my call sign to my SK elmer’s previous call, WA4CZD, and upgraded to General. :) Then promptly went off the air for 8 years. I became disabled with a couple rare diseases :( but I’m hoping to get back on the air.

I usually work the 15M Novice CW sub-band. I ‘d also like to thank the following people for their help:

Callsign lookups

Heathkit Links

Ten-Tec Links

Links for New Amateur Radio Operators

Online Morse Code Resources


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