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1998 VOA QSL

NEW Catches (MP3s) From my DX440 and G5RV

I have a real simple SWL setup– DX-440 and Sangean 909 portable radios and a G5RV wire antenna. It took me almost 10 years but I earned the NASWA award for confirming over 100 different shortwave broadcast countries. Not bad for an EL Cheapo shack!

Note: I’m taking a break from the hobby to work on my Poetry but I hope to be back this year in time for summer DX season LOL.



Clubs and Discussion Groups

  • NASWA. North American Shortwave Association- a wonderful radio hobby club. You should really join today!

  • Cumbre. Cumbre DX–has an email newsletter and weekly radio show.

  • ACE. The Association of Clandestine (Radio) Enthusiasts.

  • Usenet group (via the WWW @ Google).

  • The Grapevine. Online SW and pirate radio discussion/loggings.

Online Resources for the DXer and QSLer


  • Earth Screen Saver. Free screen saver that displays an image of the Earth as currently illuminated by the Sun

Books and Magazines

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