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Welcome to my drive-in page – on the web since 1995. Below you’ll find links to some drive-in restaurant resources on the Web, a small bibliography of drive-in restaurant books, and see some links to photos of my dad’s drive-in, Rip’s. My mom was a carhop. :)

Web resources

Drive-in restaurant homepages:

Articles about drive-in restaurants:

Organizations, Authors, and historical resources:


Roadside treasures:


  • Click the image for a bigger version.
    Inside Rip’s shortly before it was demolished.
  • It was a snowy day when Rip’s was torn down in early 1985.
  • Rip’s Menu Front 1956.
    Rip's Drive-In Menu, Front
  • Rip’s Menu Back 1956.
    Rip's Drive-In Menu, Back



  • Interview with Michael Karl Witzel, author, “The American Drive-In Restaurant: History and Folklore of the Drive-In Restaurant in American Car Culture.”

  • Commercial – Tops Drive In Restaurant (Home of the Sir Loiner)

I collect drive in restaurant ephemera–email me below if you have some to offer. I’ve been asked if I have drive-in trays–I just have a few and of course they have sentimental value. I have seen some for auction at Ebay. (Along with Drive In Theater speakers.)

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